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by thinking and doing

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Jean Pierre

van der Weerd



Management consultant and interim manager bridging: business & IT, customer & supplier.

After studying information technology, I soon discovered that IT is mainly used by people. In order to bridge the gap between people and technology, I then completed the study applied communication sciences. This provides me with a technical as well as a social scientific background. Which means that I'm often active on the interface business - IT and vice versa.


After my studies I started at Simac Network Services. In the IT hype of the late 90s I was soon offered a position as manager Unix / Novell. Over the years, followed by various management and board positions.


Early 2007 I went completely independent. As a management consultant and interim manager in the field of IT and more specifically IT outsourcing and governance. In this capacity, I have supported clients in both the private and public sector, domestic and abroad. In addition, I regularly provide trainings, workshops and lectures on: IT sourcing, service management, IT governance, service integration and manangement (SIAM), risk management, contract and supplier management and negotiation.

This mix of expertise and experience has led me to move more and more towards a second interface that of the customer / supplier relationship.





“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”

Mario Andretti

As an experienced IT interim manager, I am convinced that an interim must adapt to the organization he or she serves. Too often it is the other way around. Barging in and turning things upside down.
The adaptive manager listens and tries to understand, before developing a strategy that realizes the necessary change and is understandable for those involved.


“To profit from
good advice requires
more wisdom
than to give it.”

Wilson Mizner

As an experienced consultant in IT orchestration & governance sourcing en 
service management 
I support clients in analyzing and managing complex IT issues and organizational change. This requires all my combined: knowledge, experience, creativity and perseverance, whils balancing content and process .



“I hear and
I forget.

I see and
I remember.
I do and

I understand”


As a certified and accredited service management and IT governance trainer I provide training in:
ITIL, Cobit, IT Sourcing
risk management, contract management and negotiations.
I specialize in
Action Learning, providing interactive workshops based on the management game “Risky Business”, ITIL game and
Cobit Games.


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My expertise has grown over the years. Going from IT infrastructures through application and system integration to IT management.

From operational project and service management via management and executive positions to the role of a trusted management consultant.

The expertise and experience acquired in the areas indicated above and elaborated hereafter comes together in the management of IT ecosystems.

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IT orchestration
& governance

IT management is aimed at getting all parties involved in an organization's IT ecosystem to work together effectively and successfully.

Internal & external, build & run, demand & supply by:

  • Management - translating organizational objectives into an IT service and sourcing portfolio (what do we procure from outside and what are we still doing ourselves). In orchestration terms: conducting .

  • Orchestration - organizing and directing the way in which collaboration takes place. What rules, principles, methods and techniques do we use in the collaborations within the ecosystem.

  • Integration - the continuous coordination of products, services and parties in the supply chains of the ecosystem.

it becomes clear who is responsible for what and when and who exerts control over what. 


In this way, an organization organizes the decision-making process around IT in terms of: tasks, responsibilities and decision rights and also outlining on what basis these are assigned to persons or groups within but also outside the organization. This is also referred to as governance or orchestration, the allocation of responsibilities and decision rights (mandate) to a party.


I have made it my prime task to assist clients and suppliers in structuring and configuring their IT ecosystem in a sustainable manner, based on the need and idea to align the IT strategy with the business strategy.

The basis for shaping the IT supply chains in the ecosystem is the required IT service portfolio.

Taking the portfolio as the starting point, the strategy is outlined indicating which type of suppliers and partners must deliver which products and services when. This so-called IT sourcing strategy can, in terms of orchestration be seen as the scorethe complete overview of all parties involved.

Within the score, the individual compositions (arrangement of elements according to a predetermined strategy) are brought together and ordered. In business terms, the purchasing strategies aimed at the acquisition of individual products and services that give substance to the IT sourcing strategy.


My extensive experience with European tenders allows me to acquire your IT needs externally where necessary.

IT sourcing
& procurement

Supplier & contract management

Where sourcing & purchasing focus on the acquisition of products, services, suppliers and partners, supplier and contract management (SCM) ensures that the contracted parties, that must jointly deliver the necessary performance, also continue to deliver these.


SCM also monitors the correct composition of the supplier and partner landscape in the context of IT management. In terms of orchestration this is called ensemble management (ensemble: collective name for a group of players).

I would like to explain where, as an experienced supplier and contract management consultant, I can help your organization to improve the management of your suppliers and partners.

This with respect to one-to-one relationships, but from a management perspective, above all from a holistic system approach aimed at your total IT ecosystem.

Orchestrating and managing is fine, but in the end it's all about delivery.


My operational experience as a project and service manager enables me to manage both projects (build) and day-to-day operations (run).

However from a management & governance perspective this goes a step further. By means of project & program portfolio management and application lifecycle management & rationalization, the steering of and collaboration within the IT ecosystem are realized.

Project & service management

IT strategy

If you look consciously at the way in which you organize your IT ecosystem, you need to utilize a broader perspective. After all, the ecosystem is not a goal in itself, but facilitates your overall IT strategy.

I would like to share with you and your organization my knowledge and experience in the field of:

  • IT management & governance

  • IT sourcing

  • Service management

  • Supplier & contract management

  • IT procurement / purchasing

  • Project management

  • Risk management and

  • IT architecture


With the idea of "Setting a course and keeping it", I ensure that your digital transformation rests on a structured long-term holistic and sustainable perspective that provides the framework for operational execution and excellence.




When hiring external
expertise you may
expect results.

That is why I apply a
proactive, target-oriented,
and resolute attitude.
From the mindset
that added value
must be the result.

As a management consultant
& interim professional with a focus on IT management,
I deliver lasting added value by providing direction and structure.
As a result, customers increase their ability to successfully influence their own environment .



As an external party,
I am aware of the fact
that I am a guest
in your organization.


It goes without saying that this implies that I handle data, information and experiences discreetly.


My actions are aimed to be transparent, based on the belief that mutual clarity
contributes to build trust

"To profit from good advice
requires more wisdow
than to give it"

This starting point forms the basis for my actions. Everything is aimed at enabling clients themselvers to shape and form (orchestrate) the way in which they collaborate with:
customers, partners
and suppliers.



As a professional, I distinguish myself through proven broad and in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience.
I can demonstrate that I work
in a professional manner.
Dedication to the profession is at the core of my inspiration. Because of my drive and passion, I want to be a source of inspiration for customers, suppliers and colleagues.
The name Pensar is derived
from the sculpture “Le Penseur” by Auguste Rodin.
In English, The Thinker.

It symbolizes some core principles of the consultancy
and management profession: thinking, reflecting on one's actions and adjusting where necessary.


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